Are You Chronically Disorganized; Check Out This Questionnaire

The Institute of Challenging Disorganization has released this questionnaire to help determine if you are chronically disorganized. This questionnaire was put together by Diane Hatcher and published in 2010 by the ICD.

Do you think you are chronically disorganized? Check out this questionnaire below. If you answer yes to the first three questions, you could fall into this category.

Chronic disorganization is marked by its longevity, interference with the quality of life, and resistance to self-help efforts.

1. Has disorganization been a factor in your life for many years?

2. Does your level of disorganization interfere with the quality of your daily life or negatively affect your relations with others?

3. Has disorganization persisted despite self-help attempts to get organized?

4. Do you own at least one organizing book?

5. Are you an “info maniac”?

6. Do you suffer from fear of filing?

7. Do you feel every paper must be kept in sight or you’ll never find it again?

8. Do you lose or misplace papers and items despite keeping them out?

9. Does your filing system cause difficulty in retrieval?

10. Does it take more than 3 minutes to find most papers in your office?

11. Do you like to collect things?

12. Are you a shopaholic?

13. Do you accumulate possessions beyond apparent usefulness or pleasure?

14. Does your disorganization cause you embarrassment or humiliation?

15. Are your desk, floor and /or countertops covered in papers?

16. Did you feel deprived as a child either emotionally or materially?

17. Is is difficult for you to part with things even though they have outlived their usefulness?

18. Do you consider yourself a packrat?

19. Do you have a wide range of interests and several uncompleted tasks and projects?

20. Do you find it difficult to stay focused or are you easily distracted?

21. Do you tend to lose track of time?

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