Where is Your Launch Area??

Another one of Erin’s top tips today. Everyone should have a launch area. And you ask, what is that?

A launch area is a place that you have set aside to put items that need to leave the house with you the next day. There is no right or wrong place for your launch area. Preferably it will be a place that is close to the door that you exit.

A launch area could be part of a counter(as in my house), a mud room, or table on the front hall way. The night before you should place items that you need to leave with you in the morning. These items include; your work bag, books to return, clothes ect. Some of my clients even have what they call a “car” bag. They put all these things in there and transfer to and from their car each day.

Preparing for the next day saves you time in the morning. You won’t find yourself running around looking for things.


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