What is Clutter???

The word clutter comes from the English word “clotter” which means to cogulate. I have tapped into my favorite book, Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui to give you a more in depth defination.

So what is clutter?

1. Things you do not use or love (gifts, collections, ect)

2. Things that are untidy or disorganized

3. Too many things in a small space

4. Anything unfinished..projects, broken items, crafts


How does clutter affect people??

1. Makes them tired and legthargic…energy cant flow in a cluttered place

2. Keeps you in the past..Why surround yourself with old memories..live for today

3. It can confuse you…You dont have clarity or focus..more reason to put like with like

4. Can make you procrastinate…Too overwhelmed to start clearing it

5. Can cause disharmony..I deal with alot of couples that are not happy with the state of their home!

6. Makes you feel ashamed..They stop letting people in their homes(including much needed repairmen).

7. Makes you disorganized…You spend hours searching for things and creating a bigger mess!

8. Costs financially..I found $10,000 in a clients home!!

So if you see yourself in any of the above descriptions, you have clutter! I always encourage my clients to evaluate where they are in live. Its important to decide what you need and don’t need in your space.

To reduce clutter, form a game plan. Break down your projects room by room. Take your time. Finish one project before you move to the next one!

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