Take the "Hectic" Out of The Holidays

I love the holiday season. Aside from organizing, there is nothing I like more than entertaining or attending holiday parties. Getting together with people to have a little vino and share some good will always makes me happy.

So aside from the day to day grind of life, you are adding more onto your plate during the holidays. Alot of us are entertaining, gift shopping, and preparing for relatives to visit. Sometimes we forget the joy of the season in the midst of trying to get everthing done.

A little planning and organization goes a long way. First of all plan your schedule. Get those parties on the calendar. Plan what you need to bring. If you are a wine gifter, load it up. Go on one wine shopping trip for  your party season. If you are a cookie queen like myself, plan out your recipes. I have been known to make several trays of cookies  at once to cover a few parties. Only the overlapping people know my secret.

And most of all, enjoy the time with your friends and family! The most important thing of all!!


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