Perfecting your Playroom: Don't Bother Let Kids Be Kids!

Dam you Pottery Barn and HGTV!! You are making my job hard. I get alot of calls for organizing playrooms. Whether its a corner of a basement, a toy closet, or a whole room, making toys look organized is quite the challenge.

If you look on the internet, you will see some amazing toy rooms. I have designed quite a few spaces that I am pretty darn proud of myself. But please take note, there are little to no toys in these amazing spaces. Yes that is right, they are a minimalists dream. What about the real families that have multiple kids and lots of different toys?

Toys come in all different shapes and sizes. Kids go through phases. Out with the baby toys and in with the dolls or dinosaurs.

So realistically how do you make your room nice and functional? Well here are some pretty cool tips!

1. Do paint the room. While walls don’t work in a play room(think crayons and paint).

2. Have an area of chalkboard paint if possible. Let those kids express themselves.

3. As for toy storage…In a perfect world, built in shelves do the trick. You can either use a closet company or the elfa systems from the container store.

4. If your munchkins are youngsters, place games and puzzles on higher shelves. Don’ let them have free reign over them. That is just waiting for a several hour sorting project to happen(unless your kids are like my niece Annabelle who was everything perfectly in their boxes..takes after her Auntie!) 

5. Line up those awkward clunky toys on the shelves.

6. Keep other toys contained. I like the men sized shoe boxes at the container store. They are wonderful for small toys. Also slap a label on the front of them. Avoid those small cloth covered wicker baskets if possible. Wicker baskets don’t have lids and kids love to mix them up!!

7. Have an arts and crafts area. Plastic carts with drawers are a great way to store art supplies. Put like with like and label each category.

Don’t stress about the mess!! Kids with be kids. If you contain the toys, it will cut down on the mess!

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