Pay Those Bills Online; Save Some Coin!

I have to admit that when online bill payment started I was a little nervous. My boyfriend at the time told me that as an organizer it was my duty to be on top of new technology. As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. So I sat down and signed myself up.

There are many advtantages to paying your bils online.  My favorite advantage is the cost savings. Yes, you can save between $80 to $100 per year in postage. That is reason enough to make a switch.

Also, paying your bills creates quite a time savings. I had one client that told me that after she switched her bill payment method, she went from spending two hours to paying bills to 10 minutes.

Lets not forget the safety aspect. You don’t have to carry that checkbook in your bag or purse. Yes, you can leave that bad boy at home!

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