Party Supplies; To Save or Not to Save

It never fails. When I am organizing a families basement or kitchen, I always find the stash. Yes, I am talking about the left over party supplies. Why, I ask!!

The party is over. If your kid loved Thomas the Train, chances are next year he will be into Spiderman or some other hero of the moment.  Your princess might decide she would rather have a hello kitty themed party!

So now you have extra plates, crumpled up napkins ect. Use them!! That is what I have to say! Don’t let these items take up valuable space in your home(especially if space is an issue). Do you really think there will be a time when you will have a need for four left over napkins. Put them in the cabinet and put them to use.  Your kids will think its a treat!!

Now lets talk about adult party supplies. I change my toon on these. I tend to have a lots of functions at the Krazy Kelly Casa so I buy in bulk. I have my entertaining down to a science. Those small plastic cups work wonders for my sangria. I use my generic plastic wear and cups until I run out.

Also if you have party supplies that you don’t utilize anymore, feel free to donate them. Places like senior centers, day cares, or non profits would be happy to have them!

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