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Do You Know What is in Your Drawers??

Last night I helped a gal organize her dresser drawers. She was so excited about getting organized that she invited a friend to help with the process. We had two “mystery” dressers that we were going to focus our efforts on. She admitted that she washed, dried, and popped in a drawer. After a few... Read more »

Do you have the Organizing Gene?? I Do!!

People always want to know why and how I became an organizer. I joke that the only thing I inherited from my family was my crazy curley hair and my obsession with organizing. Yes, this sickness or skill started at birth. My mom said that I would never take naps as a baby. I guess... Read more »

Take the "Hectic" Out of The Holidays

I love the holiday season. Aside from organizing, there is nothing I like more than entertaining or attending holiday parties. Getting together with people to have a little vino and share some good will always makes me happy. So aside from the day to day grind of life, you are adding more onto your plate... Read more »

ADD Friendly Organizing

I grew up in an ADD/Bi Polar home. Don’t feel sorry for me. Learning about these challenges at an early age has helped me greatly in life.  I learned to appreciate and accept the differences in people. In fact, one of my specialties is helping those with ADD get and stay organized. Around the time... Read more »

Two Sisters, a Bottle of Tino's; Clearing out Their Childhood Home

Last  month my family had to make a heart breaking decision. After my 95.5 year old grandmother had her fifth heart attack (she refused to wear her life alert) and was found on the floor, it was decided she needed be in an assisted living facility. My mom and her sister took on the task... Read more »