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OSOOM...Out of Sight Out of Mind

Many people have this fear. If its out of sight it will be out of mind. I find this to be especially true with my ADD clients. People waste hours each day searching for things they need. Its a common problem. You can’t live your life with everything you own in piles around your space(although... Read more »

Party Supplies; To Save or Not to Save

It never fails. When I am organizing a families basement or kitchen, I always find the stash. Yes, I am talking about the left over party supplies. Why, I ask!! The party is over. If your kid loved Thomas the Train, chances are next year he will be into Spiderman or some other hero of... Read more »

Churning Should Only Be Done on the Farm!

On a farm, you churn butter. In the organizing world, churning refers to attempting to sort one pile and getting it mixed up with another pile. In the end, you keep touching the items over and over again. This is a very common characteristic when you are working in a hoarding situation. When working with... Read more »

Are you really a hoarder? You might just be chronically disorganized!!

So you think you are a hoarder. Everyone does these days. One little pile or a few things out of place doesn’t classify you in that category. Alot of people are confused between hoarding and being “chronically disorganized”. Yes, there is a difference. They should also be treated differently from an organizational standpoint as well.... Read more »

Where is Your Launch Area??

Another one of Erin’s top tips today. Everyone should have a launch area. And you ask, what is that? A launch area is a place that you have set aside to put items that need to leave the house with you the next day. There is no right or wrong place for your launch area.... Read more »

Pay Those Bills Online; Save Some Coin!

I have to admit that when online bill payment started I was a little nervous. My boyfriend at the time told me that as an organizer it was my duty to be on top of new technology. As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. So I sat down and signed myself... Read more »

Limit The Incoming in Your Life

We all have time robbers and time bandits in our lives. Some more than others. One of my top organizing tips is to limit the incoming. The less things that you have coming in everyday, the more time you have to focus on what is important. 1. MAIL…You can limit your incoming mail by going... Read more »

What is Clutter???

The word clutter comes from the English word “clotter” which means to cogulate. I have tapped into my favorite book, Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui to give you a more in depth defination. So what is clutter? 1. Things you do not use or love (gifts, collections, ect) 2. Things that are untidy or... Read more »

De Hoarding Done Right

Got a hoarder in your life? Want to help them out?  There is a right and wrong way to de hoard. Its important to do them “no harm”. Helping someone clear out their space could do them more harm then good if they aren’t emotionally ready to make changes. 43% of hoarders that have their... Read more »

Perfecting your Playroom: Don't Bother Let Kids Be Kids!

Dam you Pottery Barn and HGTV!! You are making my job hard. I get alot of calls for organizing playrooms. Whether its a corner of a basement, a toy closet, or a whole room, making toys look organized is quite the challenge. If you look on the internet, you will see some amazing toy rooms.... Read more »