Limit The Incoming in Your Life

We all have time robbers and time bandits in our lives. Some more than others. One of my top organizing tips is to limit the incoming. The less things that you have coming in everyday, the more time you have to focus on what is important.

1. MAIL…You can limit your incoming mail by going to to get off of the marketing lists. This will dramtically cut down the mail that you have to process each day.  Also, get your bills and financial statements online. If you pay your bills online, it saves $80 to $100 per year.

2. DONATIONS THROUGH THE MAIL..Most of the solications that you receive through the mail are from marketing companies. If they see activity in a certain area, say for instance you are donating to animal rescues, they will increase your solicitations.

3. CATALOGS…We are all guilty of this one. Spending time looking at each one that comes in the mail. If you go to you can get your name off these lists. This site works wonders.

4. EMAILS..Learn to unsubscribe. I have been put on more lists that I care to talk about. Somedays I was getting over 60 additional emails that had nothing to do with my life or business. Say good bye and let them go!!

5. DO NOT CALL LIST..I am still amazed at how many people aren’t on this list. Phone calls are also interupt your time.

These are easy steps that you can follow to create more time in your life! Every little thing you do makes a difference. Enjoy!!!

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