Do You Know What is in Your Drawers??

Last night I helped a gal organize her dresser drawers. She was so excited about getting organized that she invited a friend to help with the process. We had two “mystery” dressers that we were going to focus our efforts on. She admitted that she washed, dried, and popped in a drawer.

After a few minutes of analyzing, we decided to make one dresser strictly athletic wear. The second dresser would contain the normal stuff like  undies and pajamas.

The most important things about organizing your dresser is no to put too many categories in one drawer or over stuff them. If the drawers are over stuffed and have too many categories, you wont be able to find things.

Here is how we organized the athetic dresser:

1 Sports tanks and bras

2. Work out socks

3. Work out Shorts

4. Dry Wick shirts

5. Cotton work out shirts

This system is simple and easy but works. No more hunting and pecking for clothes.

This is how we organized the other dresser:

1. Bras

2. Underwear

3. Hosiery

4. Trouser socks

5. Regular socks

6. Pajamas

7. Short sleeve casual t shirts

Again, very simple and self explantory systems.  This is one of the more simple projects. Its a great way to start to get you in the organizing mode!!


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