Do you have the Organizing Gene?? I Do!!

People always want to know why and how I became an organizer. I joke that the only thing I inherited from my family was my crazy curley hair and my obsession with organizing. Yes, this sickness or skill started at birth. My mom said that I would never take naps as a baby. I guess that I felt they were a waste of time. As a toddler one of my favorite things to do was unload my huge toy box (built by my Papa) and reorganize it.  This task would keep me busy for a few hours and I never seemed to get bored with it.

We moved to Texas when I was five years old. Every summer I would spend a month at my Grandma Kessler’s house in Connecticut. This was the happiest part of my childhood. I don’t know what excited me more, my grandmother’s chicken soup or her perfect home. Everything was perfectly organized.  She bought in bulk(before costo) and had everything all lined up in the cabinets. She was the ultimate domestic diva. She even taught me the importance of making your dinner plate look nice.

At 95 years young, Grandma or the “tough bird” as we call her is still organizing. After her fourth heart attack she got out of the bed and moved the furniture around the hospital room.

After college, I got my first sales job. While I loved entertaining clients, I also made sure that the office was organized. I would come in early in the morning and organize the brochures. I think the thirteen men that I worked with thought I was a little off base. I also planned all the client outings. Man, I sure can throw a party!!

I started my second sales job at Fedex in 2000. After 2.5 years I started to burn out. I had a boss that didn’t like me, partly due to my organizational skills. I found myself coming back into the office and organizing not only the sales office but the drivers room. Before I was done, all the uniforms were organized by size and type.

I decided a needed a get a way. I went to visit my Aunt and Grandmother. I was literally sitting in my Aunts closet organizing at two in the morning. She asked me what was wrong. I told her I was lost and didn’t know what to do with my life. She simply stated “Your future is right in front of you. Do what you love!!”

The next morning I started researching organizing as a career. I am a corporate gal and could not imagine running my own business. I am a Taurus. We like stability.

Fast forward two months. I had a part time job with an organizer. I also started subbing for extra money. I even had a new wonderful boyfriend. I was poor but dam happy.

Six months later I started my new business. My boyfriend and I were planning to wed. I did a website, got business cards, and hit the street. I was on a mission.   I talked to everyone who would listen. I brainstormed with other business owners.

Another six months passed. I was giddy and growing! My relationship sadly ended, but sometimes you fly better without a net. I never looked back!

Almost eight years later, I am still doing what I love. I get to help people make positive changes in their lives! I am one happy and organized chick!!!



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