De Hoarding Done Right

Got a hoarder in your life? Want to help them out?¬† There is a right and wrong way to de hoard. Its important to do them “no harm”. Helping someone clear out their space could do them more harm then good if they aren’t emotionally ready to make changes. 43% of hoarders that have their homes “cleaned or dug” out go back to the original manner.

Its important to make sure that the person feels in control of the situation. Pick an area or category in which they are comfortable starting  the process. Everyone has different attachment issues.

Have plenty of trash bags and boxes. You will need these for trash, donate, keep, and sell. If space allows, have a little staging area. Since most hoarded homes are right tight on space, empty the trash as you go. Also put donations in someone’s car for immediate removal.

Work at their pace not yours. I am a speed demon when it comes to organizing but a slow to the pace of my client. Gently help them make good decisions. Remember to always be positive. Every bag thrown out or removed is a battle won!

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