ADD Friendly Organizing

I grew up in an ADD/Bi Polar home. Don’t feel sorry for me. Learning about these challenges at an early age has helped me greatly in life.  I learned to appreciate and accept the differences in people. In fact, one of my specialties is helping those with ADD get and stay organized.

Around the time I was starting my business, I was dating a guy with ADHD. He was a great person but didn’t quite understand why he had certain challenges. I was the one that started reading the ADD books. Even though I had grown up in this type of environment, I didn’t understand all the specifics. I knew that my cousins always had messy rooms (that I cleaned up) and they never seemed to be able to turn in their homework on time.

I learned that most people with ADD had organizational issues. They also had short term memory(hence dropping stuff all over the place). And lets not forget about the piles everywhere. One of the most important things I learned what that they had a need for a release or “high”. Doing mundane tasks was  painful for them. My former boyfriend used to compare laundry to scratching nails on a chalkboard. But when it came to cooking or something fun, he was all about it.

Here are some of the most important tips I have learned over the years:

1. People with ADD have trouble breaking down piles visually. Clear as you clutter and don’t let the piles begin.

2. OSOM..Out of sigh out of mind..Because of short term memory issues, they are afraid of forgetting where things are located. You should put like with like and label when all possible.

3. Plan the night before. Set out your work bag and clothes. Don’t turn on the tv in the morning. You don’t need any distractions in getting out the door.

4. ADD tends to add to their lives and not subtract. Regular purging is very important!!

5. People with ADD tend to have strong attachments and sometimes hoarding issues. Be careful when you give them gifts or things. I talked one of my clients into giving her daughter consumable things such as gift cards for restaurants.

One of my Favorite books on this topic is ADD Friendly Ways To Organize your Life By Judith Kolberg. This book is amazing. It will teach you have to break down projects and get things done!

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