Under Your Kitchen Sink

Green is the new black as they say. Everyone is trying to recycle and have less waste in their lives. It amazes me how much recycling one house clean out can produce.

People everywhere are going organic, not buying bottled water…ect. My question to you is “Have you looked under your sink lately?” We are talking chemicals galore!

Based on the alarming rates of women who get lung cancer(they do most of the cleaning) and my desire to be more green, I decided to green my cleaning products. Everything from the Kelly kitchen is homeade, so why shouldn’t my cleaners follow suite?

After talking to a friend who owns a green maid service, and doing a little research of mine own…I went the natural cleaners route!

1. Baking Soda…Love it…I buy the big bag at Costco. I use it for tubs, sinks, and the toilet.

2. Vinegar..Another big Costco buy..I use this to mop my floors and to clean glass. I have heard that Volka is also good( I refuse to clean with my Effan).

3. Olive Oil..By by pledge…I know dust my furniture with olive oil and its great!

4. Club Soda..This makes my stainless steel sinks shine!

My allergies have not only gotten better, but I feel better. I am also saving quite a bit of cash not buying the multiple chemical products.

So what to do with your chemicals?? The Goose Island Recycle center would be more than happy to take them for you!


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