The Art of Giving Gifts; Not Crap

I must comfess, Salvation Army has benefited over the years from various gifts that I have been given. My mom loves to get creative over the holidays. Over the years she has given me things like a headless statue with hooks to hold necklaces, ear muffs that looked like they were made for spock, and angel statues. I remember a big fight that we got into right before my 30th birthday. All I wanted was a new set of towels. I am a simple gal.

I love cute and fun stuff. Don’t get me wrong. But where do you put it once in comes out of the box. How many knick knacks can your home handle?

I met a lady last week that told me she had so many unwanted gifts that she purchased cabinets for them. Really!!

Alot of time, we hold onto stuff because of the guilt. We feel like they spent money on it so we should keep and honor it. Does that call true for the sushi set I was given on my last birthday(had to be a regift..I dont eat fish)?

With the holiday season upon us, think twice before you purchase or regift(we all do it). There is nothing wrong with a functional gift vs fun. I would be thrilled with a new set of screwdrivers!!

So here are so tips for gift giving:

1. If the person has everything…give something consumable; lobsters, steak, fruit, or candy

2. You can never g wrong with a nice bottle of wine(especially in the Kelly house).

3. Ask the person what they need. One friend asked me to knit her a scarf last year.

4. Respect their space. Don’t give a large gift if you know the person doesn’t have room for it!!

Happy Shopping!!

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  • "2. You can never g wrong with a nice bottle of wine(especially in the Kelly house)."

    When giving alcohol it might be a good idea to add a note or mention "feel free to re-gift if this isn't your favorite flavor" which should get you out of potential awkwardness if the receiver is a recovering alcoholic or a teetotaler, although you may not know this at the time.

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