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Making room for Hubby

Yesterday I helped a new client purge her condo. Her husband was moving in and she needed some space. Three and one half  hours and fifteen bags of donations later she was a happy camper. When making space for your partner, start by evaluating what you need and what you don’t need around you. What can... Read more »

Fifty Dollars, Five Closets; Organizing My Sisters House

Many people think that getting organized can be pretty expensive. An average organizer charges anywhere from $40 to 125 per hour. But friends and family are free! So I was off  to Maryland with my trusty label maker. I was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my little sister in her new house. I love her and... Read more »

Get your Game on for Black Friday

I must confess, I love the Target black friday commercial.  No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh. I am a big fan of black friday. Its the best day of the year to get some big ticket items for a great deal. Last year I snagged a $380 bedding set for $90 and... Read more »

The Art of Giving Gifts; Not Crap

I must comfess, Salvation Army has benefited over the years from various gifts that I have been given. My mom loves to get creative over the holidays. Over the years she has given me things like a headless statue with hooks to hold necklaces, ear muffs that looked like they were made for spock, and angel... Read more »

No Sensitivity At the Swedish Covenant: My First Mammogram

I live in a black and white world. I don’t do well in shades of grey. As a child I coudn’t wait for Christmas and had a habit of finding my gifts or crawling under the tree to shake/unwrap them. So being age appropriate and having a mother that was diagnosed with breast cancer last... Read more »

Hector the Collector

We all know him/her. I am taking about those people that love to collect. Doesn’t matter what it is, they want more than one! While there is nothing wrong with having collections, make sure you collect for the right reasons. Are you collecting because its fun? Do you really like the items? Do you have... Read more »

Organizing Your Spouse, Partner, or Mate

Living with someone that doesn’t share your same organizational values? Been there done that!! So what should you do? First off..don’t ever tell them that you are going to organize them. You don’t want to see the middle finger or REBELLION. A little manipulation goes a long way. Formulate a plan and keep it to... Read more »

Under Your Kitchen Sink

Green is the new black as they say. Everyone is trying to recycle and have less waste in their lives. It amazes me how much recycling one house clean out can produce. People everywhere are going organic, not buying bottled water…ect. My question to you is “Have you looked under your sink lately?” We are... Read more »

Going Through The Big "D"

And I dont mean Dallas!! Yes I have worked with quite a few clients that for whatever reasons are going their own way. What to do with all the stuff you have aquired?  Coupled by the fact that emotions are flying,  this isn’t the easiest thing to do! First of all you will need some... Read more »

Are You A Hoarder?

According to studies, about 3 to 5 million people are actual hoarders. Ever since the TV show came out…everyone thinks they are a hoarder. So if you think you might fit into this category check out the hoarding scale from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. There is quite the difference between hoarding behavior and being... Read more »