No Sensitivity At the Swedish Covenant: My First Mammogram

I live in a black and white world. I don’t do well in shades of grey. As a child I coudn’t wait for Christmas and had a habit of finding my gifts or crawling under the tree to shake/unwrap them.

So being age appropriate and having a mother that was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, I decided to schedule my first mammogram. I called my insurance company and they recommended a testing center in my neighborhood  at Swedish Covenant Hospital. I called immediately and scheduled an appointment.

I walked over one day after work. As I gave the tech my family history, she commented on my “big boobs.”  This really creeped me out. I was getting a mammogram; not on a date! And besides, I like boys! After that, all seemed to go well.

Two days later, I got a call that I needed to go back for a spot compression mammogram. This didn’t totally shock me because “dd” in my house stands for “double dense.” I know that I have my mom’s extreme dense tissue and mammograms don’t work for her.

So here we go again with another tech. I was a little nervous but ready to get it over with. This time I had another tech. I gave my history again. She got mad very easy. She had quite a bit of trouble taking the pictures( I wonder if she was even really a mammogram tech or just a fill in) She kept telling me that my boobs wouldn’t fit in the compression plates.  She was huffing the whole time. Then I ruined several pictures with my hands. I didn’t know it was my job to help position myself. She didn’t seem like she knew what she was doing! I definately didn’t have the warm and fuzzy feeling.

I was asked to sit in what I call the “holding pen”. I sat down next to a women who has waiting for a biopsy and having a freak out of her own. A few minutes later, the grumpy tech comes back and tells me I need an untrasound. I ask why. I am given no answer. Then I ask to speak to a doctor. She has the nerve to tell me that he is too busy for me. She tells me to call in to work and wait for an ultrasound.  She was beyond rude and insensitive to me.  I told her I was unable to wait and would have to call in for an appointment. She then raises her voice and tells me to call my boss and tell them I am not coming to work. I decide to leave and schedule an appointment. I already had to wait almost an hour for the initial appointment. I was relived  that she said she didn’t do ultrasounds.

So now the fear has started.  I made it home in just enough time to throw up. I called and scheduled a ultrasound two days later. This week also coincided with the date last year when my hubby to be passed away. So yes, I was extra sensitive.

I can’t believe I chose to go back their for my ultrasound after the way I was treated. I guess I just wanted this to be over. When I was sitting in the waiting room, the horrible tech from mammogram number two walked out. I just stared at her. She definately needs some sensitivity training!!

The ultrasound went fine. The two techs were very quite and didn’t really say a word.

I was so upset about the way I was treated. I went online and found out that one in two women will have a breast cancer scare in her lifetime. That is alot of women that have to live “a week in fear.”

I also found a site called I was amazed at the amount of women that complained about the way they were treated during their mammograms. I tried to find a site about sensitivity training for techs but could not locate one.

Susan B Komen foundation…I love you and all you did for my mom! Maybe you need to take some cash and train these chicks!! There is no need for us women to be treated this way! I had one sleepless and teary week!!

I am healthy, happy, and will not return to the Swedish!! My boob size doesn’t need to be analyzed and I want to make sure my tech knows how to take good clear pictures!!


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