Going Through The Big "D"

And I dont mean Dallas!! Yes I have worked with quite a few clients that for whatever reasons are going their own way. What to do with all the stuff you have aquired?  Coupled by the fact that emotions are flying,  this isn’t the easiest thing to do!

First of all you will need some boxes and paper for packing. I love banana boxes from the grocery store. Also if you are moving a short distance, trash bags can be used for clothes. Wardrobe boxes are great but cost around $24.

1. Go room from room and make decisions. Have your boxes ready so you can pack up small items at once.

2. Its a great time to purge as well. Have a donate bag or box so you can gather up unwanted items.

3. Remember the respect and love you had for each other the day you met. Be kind and gentle when splitting things up.

4. Have a sharpie to label the boxes.

5. Try to handle things only once. Pack or purge it immediately.

6. Use post it notes to label larger or more fragile items that need special packing or moving.

7. Have a staging area  where you can put your boxes until they are able to be moved.

8. And most importantly …go forward in peace and happiness to start your new life!


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