Get your Game on for Black Friday

I must confess, I love the Target black friday commercial.  No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh.

I am a big fan of black friday. Its the best day of the year to get some big ticket items for a great deal. Last year I snagged a $380 bedding set for $90 and some wonderful Ralph Lauren pillows. Thank you Macys!

Like a football player, I am prepping for the big game. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you need a game plan.

First of all, print out those coupons. Why not maximize your savings. You will find coupons to all the major stores in the paper or online.

Make a list of your priority items. The crowds are so crazy, you might not get all your shopping done with your sanity intact. Go for the bigger ticket items. Its the one time of the year that you will get some seriously deep discounts.

Do a little preshopping. I basically picked out my purchases ahead of time. I didn’t have to waste time browsing. I picked up my items and got in line. 

Plan your driving route. The traffic will also be crazy. The more you can do with the less car movement, the better.

And your game face, don’t even put it on. Its the one day of the year that everyone rolls out of bed. Getting your cute on is a waste of time.

Watch out Bethesda! Here I come !




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  • Baah! Black Friday is for sheep. How much credit card debt do you have? I'll be at home that day and continue making sure my cash contributes to my profitability, not some corporation.

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