Fifty Dollars, Five Closets; Organizing My Sisters House

Many people think that getting organized can be pretty expensive. An average organizer charges anywhere from $40 to 125 per hour. But friends and family are free!

So I was off  to Maryland with my trusty label maker. I was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my little sister in her new house. I love her and know her quite well. I knew that I would be called upon to help refine her new place.

During a five day visit we organized 5 closets and only spent $50. How do you ask?  Most people have organizing items that can be reused and repurposed. Its also very important to define your space. What do you need around you? What can be put in “cold” or out of the way storage.

We started in her laundry room storage area. We used the cabinets above the washing machine to store all the washing and cleaning items. PUT LIKE WITH LIKE.  I them started with the other shelving. I used the bottom shelves for the paint storage( they definately dont need to be at eye level). The next shelf up was for gardening items. The previous owners left small bins which I reused for storing light bulbs and batteries(out came to label maker).

A stand alone shelf was used for overflow kitchen items. We found a flat under the bed bin that we used for place mats(labeled and set up on the top shelf).

We took all the holiday items up to the attic. We also removed the old curtains. Anything she didn’t use on a regular basis was either donated or put in the attic.

Next up with the linen closet. We kept only current sheets and towels in there. This freed up quite a bit of space.

Onto the coat closet. Being a shoeless household, all shoes are kept in the front closet. We took out all the off season shoes and binned them. We hung umbrellas from hooks, so they can be easily found. Two small baskets were purchased to hold gloves, hats, and scarves. She fought me on this one. She liked having things visual and laid out. Once she saw how easy it was, she changed her tune.

I then started working on her closet. She had one area for double hanging and another for long hanging. On the bottom double hang, I put all her suit jackets. On the top one, I organized all her shirts. We purchased two stacking shelves for the shelf. I folded all her sweaters in this. I also snagged another stacking shelf from the hall closet(replaced by baskets) to use for the jeans and athletic wear. An hour later, she had a nice functional closet.

So when you want to get organized. Look around you. You will be amazed at what you have in your home that can be reused. With minimal cost, I was able to complete five projects. I left one happy sister!!

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