Say Yes to Unsubscribing

I get alot of spam. Probably more than most people. I have a wonderful ex-boyfriend to thank for part of it. Also when you own a business, people think you need things. I get random emails for a variety of products. Most of it doesn’t relate to my business in any way shape or form.

Last week I decided to take action. I started out every morning with deleting all the things that weren’t neccessary in my inbox. Gradually my inbox went from 60 emails in the morning down to about 20. I still get a few emails that I need to unsubscribe from each day.

Since more and more of our communication is computerized vs talking, its important to streamline it. I am amazed at how much time is saved each day but not having to deal with all those crazy emails.

So say yes to unsubscribing! Free yourself!



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