Reused Reworn and Reloved

Saving money is on everyones mind these days. You could say for the last several years its the new trend. Everyone is looking where they can cut corners. I see these especially with kids clothes. If you come from one of those great big Irish families, you are probably wearing your cousins clothes!

So how to be successful at the great pass off? You have my persmission to get some bins. I love the container store sweater bins. They are perfect for storing small childrens clothes. After the age of 5 you might want to think about regular sized bins.

1. Get rid of any stained or ripped clothing. You dont want your cuz looking lest then their best!

2. Sort clothes by size and season.

3. Label each bin.

4. Have a separate bin for shoes.

After there is no one left to wear the clothes, consider donating them. When you are done, reload the bin and pass on. Only keep stored what you will need in the future. Put clothes back in the bin that dont work for your child.


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