PMS Purchases

Some of us are impulse buyers. How many times have you found the perfect skirt or dress but its not in your size. So what do you do…buy it anyway. It will work one day right? And then it sits in your closet…just gathering dust.

If you have that impulsiveness when it comes to buying…don’t put yourself in the situation!! Redirect your behavior and stay out of the malls and the stores. Tell your gals you can’t  do shopping dates with them! Lunch it is!

What are the places that contribute to impulse buying?? Two places I see alot of impulses from(not to mention bags) are the dollar store and TJ Maxx. Now now..I am a maxista. Half of my closet is full from TJ Maxx. But I like it, love it, and wear it.

So before you put it in the bag(even though its such a great deal), remember these thoughts:

1. Do you love it!

2. Does it currently fit!

3. Is it your “A” game?

4. Does it currently fit with your style?

I like to call these impulse purchases “PMS purchases.” Its like you have a temporary hormonal change and aren’t thinking clearly. We all are guilty of this ! So try it before you buy it. Don’t shop when you are in a rush. Dont shop when you just broke up with someone and need retail therapy. Do shop when you have a goal of what you need and a relaxed mind!!

See yah at TJ MAXX!


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