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Zone your space

Yesterday I worked in a basement. It was one of the wonderful old houses in which the basement is divided into separate rooms. It was obvious that the client had different functions in mind for the space. So we made a plan. Each room was to have a different function. The first room and most... Read more »

Them Bags

As we all try to become more socially conscience, new habits are put in place. Most of us are lucky enough to have big blue bins to recyle(or if you are deprived like me, you use your neighbors). Part of these changes includes cutting down the bag usage. Two years ago I switched over to... Read more »

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Nine years ago one of my friends gave me the book Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. Why give a book like that to an organized freak like myself? As so I pass on the gift. This is probably my all time favorite book. In lay mans terms, it not only explains... Read more »

Essentials for The Professional

We have several projects in the works in my condo. For some reason I decided to take ownership of them. Why..maybe I want more grey hair! I am beginning to think that it wasn’t the best idea. First I called me database of contractors. One showed up three hours late, one didnt show, and four... Read more »

Catalogs Catalogs and more Catalogs

Come on admit it…you like to look. I do. Yes when I used to get catalogs, I would waste a good 20 mintues reading them from cover to cover. Then I saw the light..or shall I say found the website. Each year in America, the amount of catalogs shipped is enough to fill 84 olympic... Read more »