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Say Yes to Unsubscribing

I get alot of spam. Probably more than most people. I have a wonderful ex-boyfriend to thank for part of it. Also when you own a business, people think you need things. I get random emails for a variety of products. Most of it doesn’t relate to my business in any way shape or form.... Read more »

Losing your Loved One/Mind

I wish there was a way to organize emotions. As much as I have the stuff thing down, the emotions is a whole other animal. I work with alot of people who have lost a parent or a spouse and have to muddle through their belongings. Time and time again, I am used as a... Read more »

Conquering Consignments

A little too much retail therapy over the last few years? You are not alone. People shop for a multitude of reasons. So what to do with the excess in your life? Think consignment. Most of the consignment stores on average take 50% of what they make off your items. You also have to keep... Read more »

Chained To A Desk..Make the Most of Your Time

I spent the early morning writing a speach on work/paper flow. Yes I used to have a position in which I was chained to a desk from 9 to 5. It seems like yesterday. The average American worker wastes up to two hours each day rehandling and looking for things.  Having organized quite a few... Read more »

Style vs Storage

I am pretty darn good at creating space but definately not a miracle worker. This past week I have worked with several people that have remodeled. While they basked in the glow of  their new space, I wondered “Where is all the stuff gonna go?” So now you have pretty..but no space. A designer will... Read more »

Reused Reworn and Reloved

Saving money is on everyones mind these days. You could say for the last several years its the new trend. Everyone is looking where they can cut corners. I see these especially with kids clothes. If you come from one of those great big Irish families, you are probably wearing your cousins clothes! So how... Read more »

PMS Purchases

Some of us are impulse buyers. How many times have you found the perfect skirt or dress but its not in your size. So what do you do…buy it anyway. It will work one day right? And then it sits in your closet…just gathering dust. If you have that impulsiveness when it comes to buying…don’t... Read more »

Sheets...For More Than the Bed

Aside for using sheets for the obvious…covering your mattress and pillows, they can be used in organizing. We call it sheeting. When someone is having alot of trouble focusing on a task do to clutter all around…we just take a sheet and cover the piles. By covering up the clutter or piles, you allow the person only to see one pile.... Read more »

Those Darn Enablers

Yes we all have things in our lives that enable us. In the world of disorganization those things include baskets, surface area, extra tables ect… When the clutter gets to be too much, I find people just start stuffing. Buying another bin or basket. I can’t tell you how many times I have emptied out... Read more »

Do You "Put Off" Or "Put Out"

Bet you thought I was gonna start talking dirty…wrong!! In the organzing world “Put Off” stands for P PRIORITY U UNKNOWN T TIME O OVERLOAD F FEAR F FEELING These are the main reasons that people dont tackle their clutter and disorganization issues. So choose to “Put Out” and get your self organized!