Losing your Loved One/Mind

I wish there was a way to organize emotions. As much as I have the stuff thing down, the emotions is a whole other animal. I work with alot of people who have lost a parent or a spouse and have to muddle through their belongings. Time and time again, I am used as a “body double” to help them focus and keep them on task.

Its normal for the mind to not be able to focus when you have been through such a tragedy or shock in your life. I didn’t quite understand this until I lost my love last year. My sense of focus and goals were really thrown off  kilter.

For quite sometime I wasn’t running at full speed(although those around me never knew it). I had to break down my goals and projects into smaller pieces or as we say in the organizing world “bite sized chunks.”  By focusing on what needed to be done vs all the things I wanted to do, I was able to still be productive. I also needed this time to heal myself.

As they say …”It shall pass.” And yes I am back up to warp speed!!

Give yourself a break! I did!


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