Visit to a Bachelor Pad

Normally, when I start dating someone new, I tell them I own a consulting firm. Thats not really a lie, it just leaves alot of grey area. So when I met the new dude in my life, I decided to just be honest( I guess it was the wine). I flat out told him that I was a professional organizer and whipped people and business in shape for a living. The look on his face said it all!

So I was really shocked when he invited me over to make wine. Everything was set up in the garage. He even told me where to park and which route to take in the alley. He asked me to call him and he would meet me outside.

It was quite obvious that he didn’t want me to see his place. Hey.. I am not judgemental. I was off duty and going to have some fun! As it turned out, the grapes didnt arrive in time so we switched to plan b and just had dinner. He did n’t feel it was appropriate for me to eat in the garage so he relented and let me in!

Yes it was a typical bachelor pad complete with a really cool dog. It had a few nice female touches(due to a friend that helped him pick out paint and some furniture). I just cleared a space and had a great time!


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