Those Dreaded Daily Action Items

We all have them. Those dreaded daily action items of life. They grow and grow! Whether its paying bills, replying to an invite or filing a medical claim, it has to be done.

First of all, we dont have time to handle everything daily. But dont create piles! You need a place for the incoming actions. Setting up “action item” files is very important. As author David Allen says, “Everything needs a bucket.”

Vertical stackers are very popular for action item files. They sit on your desk and keep everything right in front of you and accessible. Also hanging file folders can do the trick. I personally have different colored plastic envelopes for mine. A nice accordian file will also do and is portable to boot!

So what do you label these lovely files???

1. PENDING…anything that you have taken the first step on and are waiting for an answer

2. TO DO..a task that you need to handle or start

3. BILLS TO PAY..if you dont get them all online

4. invitations, events to attend, special interests

5. TO READ..misc articles or brochures

These folders should be given attention daily. They should encompass all those tasks that come across you desk. Its important to do a few tasks a day. Based on your schedule, pick tasks that you have time to accomplish!




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