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Launch Areas Aren't Just for Rocket Scientist

So you ask ..what is a launch area? It is the place where you put the items going out the door. Everyone should have one. Mine is a corner of my kitchen counter by the back door. The night before, I put whatever needs to go out in that spot. The next morning I grab... Read more »

Dislike Scrapbooking

We all have organizing projects that we dislike..bigtime! Mine is scrapbooking. Yup, this creative queen doesn’t find it fun. You won’t find me browsing through the paper aisles or buying stickers or punches. Not in my world. So what do you do with a project that you dispise or have no desire to tackle? Break... Read more »

Finish the Cycle

Being a bit of a thief this morning. “Finish the Cycle,” is a phrase that was coined by Peter Walsh. I love this phrase and try to use it in all my daily actions. So how do you apply it to your life? Everything we do has a “cycle.” You come home; your work bag... Read more »

Shopping Kelly Style

Yes I was raised that shopping was an art form. My brother in law is still traumatized that his 4 year old child already knows where the shoe department is located. We Kelly women take it seriously. I honestly think black friday was invented for our family. So how to get the most for your... Read more »