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Limit the Incoming in Your Life

Being a saver is the simple biggest cause of disorganization. So how do you turn that corner? Limit the incoming in your life! If we dont purge on a regular basis, things seem to mulitiply. Heres a couple tips to help get you on track: 1. Limit your mail. Don’t donate through direct mail programs... Read more »

Get The Cart..Erins here !

As a child, watching Sanford and Son, I never imagined that my life with have any commonalities. Well, I haul extra stuff all over the place. Whether its donations, consignments or records to sell, it has managed to find a place in my car. Yes I pack that little Corolla. One day about three years... Read more »

Its Your Mommas House..Not Yours!!

I am seeing a new trend. I dont know if its all that healthy in my opinion. More and more people are choosing to buy their parents home. When you buy your parents home after they pass, you also get all the stuff. Then you move in your stuff and your family. I have seen... Read more »

Visit to a Bachelor Pad

Normally, when I start dating someone new, I tell them I own a consulting firm. Thats not really a lie, it just leaves alot of grey area. So when I met the new dude in my life, I decided to just be honest( I guess it was the wine). I flat out told him that... Read more »

Body Doubling..Do You Need One

Yesterday I spent the morning being a “body double” to a client. No, we don’t do stunts in the organizing world…we help keep our clients on track. A body double in an organizing project is a person that assists the other person and keeps them on track with the project. Without a body double, most... Read more »

One thing I Will Never Understand

I know my stuff. When looking for a condo last year, I knew it was important to have a good kitchen to encompass all my cookware and a nice sized closet to fit my pretty stuff.  I searched until I found the perfect place. It amazes me now many people dont take their stuff into consideration... Read more »

A Good To Do List

When working with clients on paper management, it always amazes me how many “to do” lists I find. They are written on scraps of paper, post its, and back of envelopes. I personally cherish my “To Do” list. Its my personal guide in functioning. It always has a special place on the right side of... Read more »

Those Dreaded Daily Action Items

We all have them. Those dreaded daily action items of life. They grow and grow! Whether its paying bills, replying to an invite or filing a medical claim, it has to be done. First of all, we dont have time to handle everything daily. But dont create piles! You need a place for the incoming... Read more »

I Heart My Label Maker

When I first started organizing ( for a living..doing it since birth for free), one of the organizers told me that I would need to get a label maker. It was  love at first site.  It was like a whole new organized/labeled universe had opened up to me. So what can this little amazing 29... Read more »

Times a Wastin

Yes we all waste time. Even this organizing Diva does it. I love my facebook!! On the average american workers waste 2 hours a day handling and rehandling paper and misc things. So how to be more efficient? First discover what are you time “robbers and bandits”? What are the things that you seem to... Read more »