One thing I Will Never Understand

I know my stuff. When looking for a condo last year, I knew it was important to have a good kitchen to encompass all my cookware and a nice sized closet to fit my pretty stuff.  I searched until I found the perfect place.

It amazes me now many people dont take their stuff into consideration when looking for a new place. I am good but not a miracle worker. I spent last night trying to squeeze 4 closets of clothes into two closets. While I made a dent, there still were several boxes of homeless items. Every ounce of space was utilized.

Saturday I ran into the same problem. Luckily, I was able to adjust shelving and send the “dad” on a home depot run. You should have seen the look on his face when I walked out carrying a shelf and asked for six more. In the end, we were able to create more space for all the shoes and had one extra shelf.

I fell in love with many other condos before set up in Lincoln Square. There was the one in Edgewater with the amazingly huge kitchen. I imagined myself spending nights with a bottle of red wine cooking amazing meals for friends. The little house in Portage Park. And lets not forget the cute home in Albany park…the neighbors welcomed me by throwing beer cans all over my lawn!

The price and location may be right but is the storage space?

Things to consider!!

1. Do you have alot of holiday and memory items? If so, you need a storage unit. Does your basement have one??

2. Does your bed enable you to store items under it? Platforms are so in but not practical.

3. Do the closets have built ins? Are you using all the vertical space?

4. Is there anything that you can purge?


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