Its Your Mommas House..Not Yours!!

I am seeing a new trend. I dont know if its all that healthy in my opinion. More and more people are choosing to buy their parents home.

When you buy your parents home after they pass, you also get all the stuff. Then you move in your stuff and your family. I have seen many people struggle with this. I think it makes it even harder to set up house. While in the griefing process everylittle thing will remind you of your loss. You are surrounded by the clothing, furniture, and decorative items. Alot of time people go on with their life and dont take the time to clear out the home.

Everyday can be a constant reminder of the past and people can get stuck. I have worked on many of these jobs. My advice is if you choose to go this route, purge before you move in. If you are having trouble with this, then box up the items you arent able to use until you feel able to make decisions. The timeline is different for everyone. My Aunt Ada kept her deceased husbands clothes perfectly in the closet 30 years after he passed.

Be happy and healthy! While living in your childhood home could provide comfort, it can also continue the grief process!

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