I Heart My Label Maker

When I first started organizing ( for a living..doing it since birth for free), one of the organizers told me that I would need to get a label maker. It was  love at first site.  It was like a whole new organized/labeled universe had opened up to me.

So what can this little amazing 29 dollar gizmo do for you? Here are a few examples:

1. label the inside of drawers so the maid will never misplace your clothes again.

2. label the shelves of your pantry. Makes it easier to find things and visual for making a grocery list.

3. Put labels on your files. This look is so clean! Pens and pencil writing tends to fade or smear after time.

4. All those bins  you have, label them. Why waste time trying to remember what is in them!

Gotta go! There is world out there for me to label!



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