Get The Cart..Erins here !

As a child, watching Sanford and Son, I never imagined that my life with have any commonalities. Well, I haul extra stuff all over the place. Whether its donations, consignments or records to sell, it has managed to find a place in my car. Yes I pack that little Corolla.

One day about three years ago, I was hauling two trash bags full of unused toiletries. I happened to stop by the Lakeview Pantry on Sheridan Road. I asked if they took anything besides food. They told me about a little back room.  The clients are able to go in there and get clothing, toiletries, and household items.

And so began a wonderful relationship. I can’t tell you how many carloads I have donated. I am always greeted with a smile. The people that work there are the best. They are so nice and caring. I can only imagine how wonderful they make the clients feel.

And several times a week, they haul out the big cart while I unload the car. I feel go knowing that they donations go straight into the hands of people that really need them.

So next time you are purging, cruise to the Lakeview Pantry and drop off your donations!



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