Body Doubling..Do You Need One

Yesterday I spent the morning being a “body double” to a client. No, we don’t do stunts in the organizing world…we help keep our clients on track. A body double in an organizing project is a person that assists the other person and keeps them on track with the project. Without a body double, most people would get bored and quit their project within 20 minutes.

So yesterday, I fired off orders. For four hours I kept the client on track and with a little of my normal humor, made the project fun. The time passed and we were able to get all goals accomplished. Bathroom and water breaks are always allowed and included.

If you have projects you need to tackle, invite a friend over. Let them manage your project and keep you on track. Time will fly and progress will be made!



Alot of people dont think organizing is fun. I personally love every minute of it and some days spend 12 hours doing just that. Having a body double

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