A Good To Do List

When working with clients on paper management, it always amazes me how many “to do” lists I find. They are written on scraps of paper, post its, and back of envelopes.

I personally cherish my “To Do” list. Its my personal guide in functioning. It always has a special place on the right side of my desk. Every night before I go to bed, I pick a few items off of it to do the next day. I choose my action items for the next day based on my schedule. As with anyone, somedays I am able to accomplish more than others.

So what is the best way to make a to do list?

1 For those techies out there, keep it on your computer.

2 Dont use post it notes or scraps of paper. They are small and tend to get mixed in with other things.

3. For those of you that are constantly writing things down, a small spiral notebook is the key.

So unclutter your mind! Write it down!



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