The Night Before

I am a morning person. I always have been and always will be. I bound out of bed every morning at 6 am(partially due to my very demanding cats that want to be fed), fix my breakfast, and head to the home office. I have my little routine and it works for me. After answering emails, I get dressed and head out the door. My work bag is ready to go as is anything else I need to handle.

In order to maximize my time in the morning, I lay everything out the night before. I set out my clothes(black t shirts and cargo pants..the grubbies I call them), get my work bag ready, and make my lunch. These simple steps save me time every morning. There is no hustle and bustle around my home. I always get to enjoy that cup of chai.

work bag

I try to encourage all my clients to set out things the night before. Especially if you have kids. How many calls have you gotten that homework is missing only to find it on their desk?

Have designated areas for items like backpacks and briefcases. Before you go to bed, do a quick walk around to make sure your prep for the morning is done.


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