Pumped about the Powder Room

While talking shop with one of my organizing gals, we discovered that we both love to organize bathrooms. Both girly girls who love their products, we understand what is needed to get your “pretty” on. While we dont over indulge in the products, we completely understand the multiple categories a lady must have to complete her beauty routine.

powder room

The key to having an organized and functional powder room is categorization. Depending on your space, this can be done in one of several ways.

1. You are one lucky chick and have a big master bath room. In this case, use your drawers for things like daily items, make up, and hair products. If you have a medicine cabinet, put your toothbrush, contact solution ect in it. Under the sink or additional cabinets should be used for overflow, nail care ect. I am a big fan of stacking baskets that can be labled.

2. You have a vintage bathroom with a pedestal sink and no storage. Dont cry! This is how I live. Most likely you will have a small linen closet. I use stackable grid bins(container store purchased) that are categorized. My categories include daily items, make up, nail care, lotions, feminine, and hair products(you can tell I need alot to tame my mane!)

Having everything labeled and categorized will not only save you time but  prevent duplicate buying.  So depending on your space, buy products that will maximize your storage space. Label and categorize your items. Then enjoy your space.

Happy Primping !


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