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The Mail Monster

Six days a week we all get a visit from the “mail monster.” I spent a good part of yesterday morning going through a clients old mail and giving her advice on how to reduce the incoming mail.  I have found that alot of people get very overwhelmed by this daily paper management task. The... Read more »

Freecycle- Gotta Luv Those Freebie Freddies

When I bought my condo last year, I had quite a few things that would not work in the new space.  Alot of these items were post college and probably not what most people would consider desireable. Like any good organizer, I chose what I was taking and listed the rest on craigslist. Somethings sold,... Read more »

Estates = Inheritance

Losing a loved one is traumatic enough but going through the stuff makes it worse. Six years ago I was asked to consult on an estate. The family was interested in seeing in some of the items could be sold. I requested that they leave everything as is so we could evaluate. An eager daugher... Read more »

Purge Before you Merge

There are some days I feel like a marriage counselor. I didnt realize that this would be part of the job. As the trends state, people are getting married later in life. This means more time, money, and more stuff. Most of the couples in the city start out in one or the others condo... Read more »

Managing A Lifetime of Pictures

To scan or not to scan….that is the question. I am constantly asked this question about how to handle ones collection of pictures. For most of us, this collection represents a lifetime of travel, family, and friends. Special events that we always will cherish and want to share with others. So what do you do?... Read more »

Senior Sensitivity

Some of the most challenging jobs that I have worked have been with seniors. Whether they are downsizing from a place they have lived for years or moving into assisted living, there are bound to be lots of decisions to make. This was the generation of the trinket lovers. Those who scrimped and saved and... Read more »

Cancer Smancer

 The Kelly family was hit with a big shock when Mom got diagnosed with cancer last year. This is what happens to other families not the crazy Kelly clan. We all live in different states  which made matters worse. Each of the siblings decided to take a week off after her surgery to care for her. I... Read more »

Creating extra space in small spaces

I have done it twice in the last two days. I have helped clients creat extra space in those tiny living spaces we call home in Chicago. If you are stuffed to the gills..look at a couple of these tips to help open up your space! 1.What is on top of your cabinets?? Nothing? Get... Read more »

Hoarders...the show we all love

Ever since the show hoarders debuted, the phone has been ringing off the wall. People realize that they aren’t alone in dealing with these tough situations. I get calls all the time from family members and even those that have hoarding tendencies. Whether the hoarder or the family decides to take action, its a very... Read more »