Never Gonna Get it Back

For the last year I have been salivating over green tiles. Yes I first saw them in a magazine and feel that they would look awesome in my kitchen. Being a condo owner with granite counters(not a granite fan) this would definately be what we term an “overimprovement”.  An overimprovement is something that will cost you a nice chunk of change but wont help you with resale value. I did however, change out a few light fixtures and paint the place.

I love my new condo but know that its not my forever home. One day I will upgrade to one of those cute victorian houses that I adore. Untill then, I have made a lovely home. Keeping in check that I will be here atleast  5 years, I am making improvements that make sense for me. When deciding what projects to tackle in your home or condo take into consideration:

1. how long do I plan to live here?

2. Will I get a return on my investment?

3. Will this improvement be good for resale value?

I have adviced many clients on projects that make sense  for resale and others that are a dunk in the bucket. So for now, I will live with the granite counters.


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