Fillin Up The Freezer

Besides being an organizing diva, I like to consider myself a pretty good cook. As a child I always had the cooking position of prep…I can shred cheese or chop lettuce like no other!!

Once a week you will find me in my kitchen cooking like a mad women. No, I am not throwing a party, just fillin up the freezer. I love a good meal and its important for me to eat healthy. With a crazy schedule, even I dont have time to cook every night. So I whip out the cookbooks and head to the counter. I make different dishes with a protein base and freeze them in portion sized containers(be sure to get bpa free plastic). I always keep extra veggies on hand to use as a side dish.

So whether I am home for an hour in between jobs,or dashing in time for dinner, I always have something to eat.

This “bulk cooking” manner works well for singles and for families. It not only saves time but money!

Happy Cooking!



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