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Fillin Up The Freezer

Besides being an organizing diva, I like to consider myself a pretty good cook. As a child I always had the cooking position of prep…I can shred cheese or chop lettuce like no other!! Once a week you will find me in my kitchen cooking like a mad women. No, I am not throwing a... Read more »

The Night Before

I am a morning person. I always have been and always will be. I bound out of bed every morning at 6 am(partially due to my very demanding cats that want to be fed), fix my breakfast, and head to the home office. I have my little routine and it works for me. After answering... Read more »

Organizing your Spouse or Partner

I can’t tell you how many times I get a call from stressed spouse or partner. It always starts off with the good qualities and then moves in for the kill. I am so happy but…the clutter, disorganization, old things…ect. So what do you when your loved one has clutter that is taking over your... Read more »

Bag Ladies

And you thought women got excited about shoes. They love those bags as well. And I am not just talking about nice handbags….today we are talking about totes! I joke with my clients that I hold “bag interventions”. In my years organizing, I have come across quite a few tote lovers. Its always amazing the... Read more »

Pumped about the Powder Room

While talking shop with one of my organizing gals, we discovered that we both love to organize bathrooms. Both girly girls who love their products, we understand what is needed to get your “pretty” on. While we dont over indulge in the products, we completely understand the multiple categories a lady must have to complete... Read more »

Never Gonna Get it Back

For the last year I have been salivating over green tiles. Yes I first saw them in a magazine and feel that they would look awesome in my kitchen. Being a condo owner with granite counters(not a granite fan) this would definately be what we term an “overimprovement”.  An overimprovement is something that will cost you... Read more »

Cold vs Warm Storage

We all have it..stuff we want to keep but dont use on a regular basis. So where does it go and what do we do with it? That is the million dollar question. Each of us have two types of storage…Warm storage is someplace close to us but not in reach of the hand. Cold... Read more »

Sample Swiping..Guilty as Charged!

Okay, I am making a pretty big confession here. Two years ago at my brothers wedding, we figured out the maid service came twice a day so we stashed the extra soap in our suitcases. After the weekend of joy, I came away with a nice stash of L’Occcitane products. I was one happy chick.... Read more »

Crazy Bout Those Coupons

Ever watch the show extreme couponing?? These days you dont have to watch it. All you need to do is look around the grocery store or target. They are everywhere. You will see multitudes of people with their coupon organizers trying to get the best deals. Really how much prego and cereal can one family... Read more »

Trash to Cash

Yes I love Craigslist. Its amazing what people will buy. When I bought my condo last year, I was able to get rid of alot of items that I didnt need for the new place. As a general rule of thumb, most people expect to pay around 30 to 60% of cost of the items... Read more »