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Love Thy Dumpster Diver

I have made alot of new friends over the last several years. One group of them has been men that drive around in trucks seeking metal for recycle. There is a whole group of these guys. This is how they make their living. They are some of the nicest people I have met. I cant... Read more »


OHIO…to many of us this is a state. To me its a way of life..Only Handle It Once! Do you know that on an average american workers waste two hours per day rehandling items? Not to mention things that get lost in the shuffle. I personally dont have an extra two hours a day. As... Read more »

Kitchen..funky or functional

Being a southern gal, I love nothing better than cooking a great meal. Having a functional kitchen is of upmost importance to any cook. I have seen many a kitchen in Chicago. Dont get me wrong, the designs are incredible..but not functional. Here are some quick tips to make your kitchen work for you! 1.... Read more »

Sortin Those Socks!!

Got a big family?? Lots of kids and a spouse equals lots of laundry. Most of my clients express frustration in the sock sorting portion of this mundane weekly task. Sort no more!! Go to your local store and get some mess laundry bags in different colors. One for each child. These go from washer... Read more »

Krazy Craft Rooms

How many us of wait each weekend for the Sunday paper for those wonderful coupons from Joanns and Micheals? I don’t dare to enter the craft stores on Sunday as the lines are always crazy long. Yes we love our crafts. I often find people have multiple interests and quite the stock of stuff. Whether you... Read more »

Sell it!!

I bought my first place  last year. It was on the market for over a year. Its a beautiful vintage condo but the former owners didnt stage or prepare it for sale. As a creative, I was able to see past the ugly orange kitchen(not the mention the track lighting) and horrific blue bedroom. After changing the... Read more »