Hawks Showing Early Signs of Dominance

There are more ups and downs in an NHL season than probably any professional sport, so discussing season-long implications after six games may seem silly. I don’t care. These Hawks pass the eye test, and there are numbers to back it up. There are already examples separating this year’s team from the 10-11 version. The... Read more »

Hawks' Bowman adds depth, shows confidence in future

Stan Bowman wasted no time bolstering his 2011-2012 Blackhawks roster on Friday as free agency opened across the league. Forwards Jamal Mayers and Andrew Brunette were given 1-year deals at $500k and $2 million respectively. Mayers’ most recent stint came with the San Jose Sharks where he saw mostly 4th line minutes, a role he’ll... Read more »

Bin Laden Dead: Is Jim Cornelison Available for Monday's Bulls Game?

Bin Laden Dead: Is Jim Cornelison Available for Monday's Bulls Game?
After 10 years of searching, the United States can rest easy regarding Osama Bin Laden. The bastard is dead.  Celebrations are underway across America. The man responsible for countless terrorism-related deaths no longer roams the Middle East.  How can we further celebrate this announcement? Anyone that’s attended a Blackhawks home game knows that Hawks fans,... Read more »

Realizing the Magnitude of Tonight's Game

It feels like the Blackhawks have been through it all since Wirtz kicked the bucket in October 2007, yet they find themselves in unfamiliar territory tonight. It’s 60 minutes for all the marbles. Game seven. Just saying those two words brings on a feeling of intensity and relentlessness. In hockey especially, Game seven means a... Read more »

With Comeback, These Blackhawks Prove They Are Here to Stay

For many, last night may have induced a little deja vu at the United Center.  The heart-stopping action, the unlikely hero, and the fifth home playoff overtime victory in the last three seasons brought the house down just the way it’s been done previously.  The scene was unimaginable as little as a week ago. How... Read more »

Blackhawks Blog: Staggering Numbers Behind the Canucks' Season

The Chicago Blackhawks find themselves in unfamiliar territory this Spring. For the first time since May of 2009, they are heavy underdogs in a playoff series. It’s the 1 vs. 8 matchup after all, and while nobody would consider our Hawks an unworthy playoff team, they fall behind their opponent in nearly every measurable category.... Read more »

Blackhawks vs. Canucks: First Round Playoff Schedule

I had accepted it. I truly had. I sat on my couch for about an hour, speechless and heartbroken and confused about what I had just witnessed. The Hawks weren’t expected to repeat this year, I know, but MISS THE PLAYOFFS?  And then the Minnesota Wild happened. And here we are, prepping for more fun... Read more »

Hawks would draw Anaheim with a win today (Playoff seed scenarios)

The dust has settled in the Western Conference playoff race and the Hawks can solidify the seedings with a win this afternoon at the United Center.  A win on Sunday means the Hawks travel to Anaheim to face Hart Trophy candidate Corey Perry and the Ducks in the first round of the playoffs. Unrealistic 24... Read more »

Final Blackhawks Playoff Scenarios

For those wondering, here is the final “what if” postseason situation for the Hawks heading into their regular season finale on Sunday.  Let it be known first that the Hawks could technically finish anywhere between 5th and 9th place. That is remarkable with only one game to go. Missing the playoffs with 97 points would... Read more »

Blackhawks have more at stake than a playoff berth

Blackhawks have more at stake than a playoff berth
The Hawks have been clinging to playoff life for what feels like the entire season. The stakes seem to only get higher with each game, with last night’s home loss to the Ducks being the most recent example. The loss resulted in the defending champions sliding to 8th place; that fact has been well-documented. What... Read more »