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Meet Your Neighbor: Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition

Meet Your Neighbor: Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition
(Special thanks to Becky Raymond, Executive Director of CLCC, for her time and input) Literacy is the most critical skill needed to navigate our ever-increasingly complicated civic, professional, and technological landscape. With many Chicago residents seeking formal assistance, the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition (or CCLC) works with Adult Education organizations in Chicago to secure resources and training... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: WITS Chicago

(Special thanks to Brenda Langstraat of WITS Chicago for her time and insight) At a time when immediacy and brevity of digital and social media drive our discourse, literacy can be easily dismissed…but the volunteers and staff of WITS Chicago work hard to promote a love of reading – and literacy – in Chicago youth. I... Read more »

Librivox: Public Domain Done Right

Public domain books (whose copyrights have lapsed) are often more readily available for public consumption….but sadly, no works in the United States entered the public domain this year. Much like Creative Commons (of more recent vintage), public domain works allow for greater distribution and reuse of works, creating new media from bits of the old?... Read more »