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EVENT: Raks Inferno 6/26 Fundraiser for Lighthouse Foundation

Kamrah - Photo by Peter Serocki
(Special thanks to Dawn Xiana Moon of Raks Geek for her efforts and her contribution to this post). This past week, I posted my interview with Karlyn Meyer of Lighthouse Foundation focusing on their work with the black LGTBQ+ community in Chicago. Although I briefly mentioned an upcoming fundraiser, I wanted to provide more information.... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: Lighthouse Foundation

Meet Your Neighbor: Lighthouse Foundation
(Special thanks to Karlyn Meyer for her time and insights) In its first year of existence, the Lighthouse Foundation has driven several successful initiatives ranging from assertive advocacy to developing a mutual aid fund to benefit the black LGTBQ+ community. Recently, I spoke with Board President Karlyn Meyer (my old colleague from the Chicago Nerd Social Club) about... Read more »