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Best of 2019 in Review

To be honest…the first half of 2019 had minimal activity on the blog. Part of it was moving past the infrequent posting in 2018 (yes, I did develop a content calendar…but caregiving duties and other things kept me away from the keyboard). However,  I wanted to focus on finding social media and copywriting consulting work as... Read more »

Paschen: Building The Future Through Their Scholars

Paschen: Building The Future Through Their Scholars
As a resident of the Beverly neighborhood, I was excited to hear about the opening of the south terminal of the 95th Street Red Line stop. Along with plans to renovate the north terminal, as well as possible Red Line expansion all the way to 130th Street, this has excited many Southside residents. Although conversation... Read more »

Community Organizing Tools To Resist Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr  Thanks to concerned citizens taking a cue from Barack Obama’s farewell address, community organizing is making a comeback in response to Donald Trump’s actions as President. Whether you’re talking about Trump’s recent travel ban or the fact that he’s appointed a white supremacist journalist to the National Security Council, many... Read more »

My (Not-So) Secret Life in Tobacco Prevention

Yesterday, a new-ish colleague and I were having a conversation. You know, the good, old-fashioned get-to-know-you conversations that people tend to have. One of the topics that came up – and which surprised my new colleague – was my background in tobacco prevention. Granted, it happened in St. Louis (rather than Chicago), but in looking... Read more »


To be honest, the past few weeks have been rough for me personally – family health issues have kept me busy, resulting in sudden changes in my schedule that have made it . At one point, I was fortunate enough to carve out some time to “sharpen the saw”, as it were, and keep up... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: ChariPick

(Special thanks to Stephen Lee of Charipick for sharing his time and insights, and special thanks to Derek Serafin of Motion PR for the introduction) Matching nonprofit supporters and potential donors/volunteers can be a challenge for any organization. For smaller and medium-sized nonprofits, it can be especially challenging given the size of the organization, challenges in... Read more »

I Volunteered for Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon 2015

Site from the Orange Line
One of the things I’m always game for is to have new experiences – throwing myself (often on a dare) and seeing what happens during the process.  So when a representative of Chicago Cares e-mailed me asking if I would be willing to participate in this year’s Serve-A-Thon – and cover the event, well….after checking out the website,... Read more »

Addendum: Chicago Mayoral Election Judge

A few weeks ago, I wrote about serving as election judge in the February primary. As a first-time judge, I had some questions and observations, and was fortunate to discuss these matters via e-mail with Jim Allen at the Board of Elections. With a Chicago mayoral election just a few weeks away, I thought this... Read more »

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy
The most current “hot topic” in the realm of social media is an article entitled Confessions of a Social Media Strategist. Although it may not be readily apparent, this article contains some great insights – and lessons – for those working in nonprofit social media strategy, as well as other professionals working for  social ventures... Read more »


NOTE: A complimentary electronic copy was provided for review. My opinions are my own. Currently, many communities are discussing the impact of “Big Data” – a catchphrase making its way through Chicago-area business and non-profit culture. Learning how to manage and leverage data can have an impact on various non-profit/social venture marketing and fundraising efforts.... Read more »