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Representation, Nonprofits, and DOCTOR WHO

Representation in nonprofits has been on my mind recently…but mostly because I’ve been working on a C2E2 panel on female representation in Doctor Who. (As well as other various projects – check out my personal blog post with my personal and professional activities) I grew up during the “classic” era of Who, and I can honestly say... Read more »

Five Years of Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction Planning

My Badge of Honor
It’s really hard to believe that this will be my fifth year as Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction director. (Chicago TARDIS, for those of you who are unaware, is a Doctor Who-themed convention that happens every November in Lombard). Not only does it support Northern Illinois Food Bank, but it’s also a way for me to... Read more »

"Fear Makes Companions Of Us All"

When this month’s Blogapalooz-hour challenge arrived in my email box, I was particularly intrigued by the opportunity to write about a past Blogapalooz-Hour, topic…and once I decided on a topic, the above Doctor Who clip popped in my head. (The above citation is a riff from the classic series episode An Unearthly Child). Writing about this in a... Read more »

My Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction Badge of Honor

My Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction Badge of Honor
Pinned to a corkboard in my home office is a blue badge. Three hundred and sixty days out of the year, it hangs there as a reminder…and for four days in November, that badge serves as a reminder of how driving social change – and doing good for the greater community – can happen in... Read more »

Planning the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction

As an active social change agent, I always “practice what I preach” and have a healthy set of interests outside of my professional efforts. As a very active Doctor Who fan, I always look forward to organizing the Chicago TARDIS charity auction. It’s a great opportunity for me to stay involved, keep my skills up, but more... Read more »

Improvisation & Play in Nonprofit Technology

 Things have been quite busy for me lately: between increased consulting work (including a brand new project), attending a Second City ETC revue for my personal blog, and attending C2E2, my schedule has been rather hectic. But these few weeks have also reminded me about the importance of improvisation – and play – in nonprofit/social... Read more »