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Meet Your Neighbor: Illinois Legal Aid Online

(<Special thanks to Terri Ross and Marcin Gulik of Illinois Legal Aid Online for their time and insights) One of the consequences of COVID-19 has been an increased reliance on legal assistance around issues like unemployment, immigration, and landlord/tenant issues. Engaging the legal system can be intimidating, and language barriers can make the process even... Read more »

Telehealth: A Critical Tool in the Wake of Coronavirus

This photo, “2016.04.06 Digital Health Howcove – Telehealth 00108” is copyright (c) 2016 Ted Eytan via Flickr and made available under an Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth has allowed people to engage their primary care physicians remotely while practicing social distancing. With recent changes to FCC and Federal... Read more »